Lose Your Muffin Top Without Performing a Crunch

Having a strong core is critically important because core muscles get used in every movement and action we perform throughout the day.

I’ve stressed the importance of having a strong core a few other times. As a reminder, refresh yourself with the muscles that encompass your core; it’s more than just your abdominal muscles.

Exercising all of your core muscles weekly is critical to developing a healthy base. However, today, we are going to focus specifically on the best ways to strengthen your abdominal muscles only.

The Best 5 Exercises for Strong Abs

1. Plank with Lat Arm Raises.

Plank exercises will always be my favourite moves for the core, because they work so much of it at once. Keep your ab muscles engaged the whole time, don’t rotate your hips when you lift an arm; try raising each arm 10-15 times.

2. Frozen Bicycle Legs.

This exercise works all of your ab muscles at the same time. Keep your shoulders off the ground, and, while holding a weight, cycle your legs in close to the dumbbell and out.


3. Side Plank High 5’s.

This is a great exercise for your obliques. Start in a side plank position and reach your free arm through and under your body, giving a partner a high 5. The deeper you twist, the harder and more effective this exercise is. If you find this to be too difficult on your hand, perform the exercise on your elbow.

4. Stomach Screamer.

This tough abdominal exercise works every muscle you’ve got, so I try to complete it weekly. Be sure to keep your abs squeezed tightly throughout the entire exercise to protect your back. If the push-ups are too hard to complete on your toes, get on your knees for this portion of the move.

5. Hollowman.

This is a great advanced abdominal exercise. Start with your legs up in the air and your arms by your head. Slowly lower your legs towards the ground, straightening your body. Push your back into the matt firmly the whole time to avoid straining it. Only try this exercise after you’ve developed some ab strength from the exercises above.

To Sum it up…

I hope you’ve seen from the abdominal exercises above, there are so many fitness moves you can do for your mid section, that you really don’t ever have to complete another crunch to get your ab muscles burning! What is your favourite ab exercise? I would love to hear from you.