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Discover how a variety of effective, innovative personal training and nutrition coaching programs can improve your health and lifestyle. The focus and motivation Build a Fit Physique provides, will increase your energy, strength and confidence so you’re able to enjoy a healthier, more fulfilled life.

You’re not alone, a lot of people need someone to hold them accountable and to provide them with fitness and nutrition knowledge in such a confusing industry.  I will share with you, health and fitness tips and tools you can use in the real world, long after our sessions together.  This will help propel you to having long term success with your health and fitness goals.

Get ready to experience real results!

"I am a Personal Trainer with a great deal of enthusiasm for making a difference in peoples’ lives. Through a balance of fitness and nutrition coaching I'll help you surpass your goals and get you results.

If you’re not happy where you are now, let's make some changes – no more yo-yo dieting or gym routines that get tired fast. We need to keep up the energy. With some real work, we can make a difference starting within 12 weeks. We're in this together!

There’s no reason to put it off."


Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching designed to help you build a strong, healthy body.

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Getting motivated to perform your best in the gym and when you are planning your weekly meals, can be tough. Let's work together on your fitness and nutrition plans!


Build a Fit Physique
Build a Fit Physique
In today's FIT PHYSIQUE MOVE the 'Hamstring Runners', I'm using CORE FLYTES to make things harder. This is an advanced exercise that really works your butt & hamstring muscles.

Lye on your back and place your heels on top of the gliders. Raise your hips & squeeze your glutes. Run out 1 leg at a time, keeping your butt as high off the ground as possible.

Try running out each leg 20-30 times to really feel the burn!
Build a Fit Physique
Build a Fit Physique
Build a Fit Physique
DID YOU KNOW...That there is a proper way to sit at your desk?!? Correct sitting posture is important, since we all spend so many hours a day sitting.
Build a Fit Physique
Build a Fit Physique
DID YOU KNOW...Skin isn't a detoxifier, only the liver and the kidneys work to detoxify our bodies. Sweat is only a process that has to happen to cool our bodies down.
Build a Fit Physique
Build a Fit Physique
Today's FIT PHYSIQUE MOVE 'The Simple Stapler' is a great exercise for your fingers & forearms.

Grab a stapler & try stapling a piece of paper using your thumb & each finger. By the time you get to your ring & baby fingers, things get really tough!

Hand strength is so important to preventing arthritis - don't forget about it!
Build a Fit Physique

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