Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Build A “Fit Physique”

through a customized fitness training program

Fitness can improve all aspects of your physical health – cardiovascular, muscular, flexibility and balance. It just takes a bit of coaching, education and motivation to help you achieve your goals, along with a commitment from you.

Everyone has unique fitness goals, challenges and experience levels. You may be a beginner who is feeling overwhelmed about how to get started with your exercise routine. Or you may be a frequent exerciser who needs help breaking through a fitness plateau. Maybe you’d like to find an online fitness program that you can complete at your pace, during whatever time fits into your day. Learn more about my online offerings. Regardless of the situation, Build a Fit Physique is here to support and guide you through your fitness journey and to answer all of your questions along the way.

You will receive a customized personal training program based on your specific goals, experience and current fitness level. This effective, exercise program will teach you techniques proven to maximize results while preventing injury. You will gain the confidence needed to tone up and strengthen your body so that you are efficiently progressing towards your goals.

We can work together in a one-on-one or semi-private setting to get you the results you deserve!

Build a Fit Physique’s personal training can help you:

  • Reduce body fat; increase your strength and muscle tone
  • Increase cardiovascular health and endurance
  • Improve energy levels
  • Take control back over how your body looks and feels
  • Reduce stress
  • Avoid plateaus through program variation
  • Reduce risk of injury by building your core strength and balance
  • Strengthen your bones and joints
  • Help you sleep better
  • Renew confidence, self-esteem and motivation
  • Learn how to live healthier and make long-term lifestyle changes

Start getting active now to “Enjoy more life”!

Steps to get started


The first step is to meet to discuss your goals and health history in more detail and to review our different program options to decide what works best for you.




During our second meeting, we complete a fitness and lifestyle assessment to determine your initial fitness level.


Program Design

Based on your fitness results and goals, we’ll create and practice a fitness program built for you.


We’ll track your results weekly, changing up your personal training routine to ensure continuous progress. Reassessment will help confirm your program is working to keep things fresh.


I go to the gym, does it matter if I’m active at work?

We are a society that doesn’t move enough, period. Although it’s great to exercise at the gym during evenings and weekends, it’s important to stay active throughout the whole day. In fact, limited activity throughout the entire day is what hinders fat loss for most of us! Get more active during your workday with these tips.

I don't have much time to exercise, what's the fastest, most effective way I can work out?

The number one reason people tell me why they don’t exercise, is because they believe they don’t have the time. If this is something that you’d say, here is the perfect fifteen minute exercise program for you!

Is a strong core really important? If so, what abdominal exercises should I be doing?

I spend a lot of time working to increase the core strength of my personal training clients. The core is a critical area of the body when focusing on strength training because core strength controls so many of our daily movements. It also improves posture and can help prevent injury. Here are some core exercises for you to try.

Should I exercise while I'm injured?

It can be stressful to figure out when to come back to exercising after you’ve been injured. To be safe, you will often need to make some changes to your fitness routine after an injury, but in most cases you should try to get moving in a healthy way, as soon as possible. Learn more about the  tips I use with my personal training clients who have had to leave our training sessions for a period of time due to an injury.

I don't feel pain after my workouts anymore; are they still effective?

Once you’ve been exercising for awhile, feeling no pain afterwards is often a sign that your body is getting stronger. You can handle stress from exercise more efficiently, which is great! Pain isn’t the best indicator of a great workout, but here are some good indicators demonstrating fitness success.