My Top 5 Healthy Habits You Can Live With Forever!

Over my past few years of being immersed in the health and fitness industry, I’ve learned that following many small, consistent, healthy habits is the best way to make an active and healthy lifestyle something that lasts forever in your life, versus something that lasts for just a short time. Here are the top 5 healthy habits I’ve integrated into my life, so that I’m able to live as healthy as I can be.

1. Aim to break a sweat everyday!

I stole this tip from Matthew Mcconaughey; one of the most in-shape, strong Hollywood actors out there. I, like Matthew, believe we should all be targeting to sweat daily due to physical exertion. It doesn’t have to be in the gym, it can be outside at a park running after your kids; it can be in the yoga room or on the basketball court with friends. Just aim to get active and get your heart rate up, daily!


2. Live by the 80/20 rule!

This critical rule I live by, prevents you from the dreaded, short term dieting mindset. When you focus on completing each of your healthy habits at least 80% of the time, you build flexibility into your life. As an example, I make my veggie filled protein shakes for breakfast six days a week (85% of mornings). This leaves me with one breakfast weekly, when I can enjoy an omelette. Adding variety and ‘cheat meals
into your routine, prevents you from getting bored with what you’re eating, and leads to long-term success.

3. Keep healthy living fresh and fun.

To keep things fresh in the kitchen, I’m always searching out new fun, veggie filled, delicious tasting recipes and interesting new cooking tools. My favourite kitchen tool this year, is the spiralizer.

I’m constantly adding innovative and fun fitness tools and styles into my exercise routines to keep things fresh. This year I’ve learned to work with the Pilates rings, and man do I feel my muscles burn differently with this exercise tool!

4. Avoid “All or Nothing” thinking.

If the scale shows I’m a few pounds heavier one week, I don’t bawl into my pillow, I refocus. I put my workouts first, and give them my all. My veggie and protein intake gets ramped up to ensure I’m eating enough fibre and feeling full. I limit eating out and drink club soda at the bar with friends versus alcohol.

5. Make a Change if you’re not happy!

Change can be scary and overwhelming initially, but if you truly aren’t happy with an aspect of your life, change may be required. A few years ago, I wasn’t happy with my corporate career despite the success I was having within that world. I knew I need to make a big change to be truly happy and fulfilled…

…NOW, I’m happily marking my third Anniversary of living the dream. I have been performing my dream job as a full-time fitness & nutrition coach, for three years already! The only reason I’m able to wake-up and work at a career I’m so passionate about is because I was brave enough to make a major life change. Remember, the only constant in life is change. What can you do today, that will change your life for the better?

Enjoy Life

Combining deep breathing with proper nutrition and exercise will improve your health.

To Sum it up…

These are the 5 lifestyle rules I follow to stay as healthy and happy as I can be. Break a sweat daily, follow the 80/20 rule, make healthy living fun, avoid ‘all or nothing’ thinking and make a life change if you need to! Have I forgotten anything guys? I’d love to hear from you.