The holidays just ended, yet we are all still sooooo busy! I know the feeling when it seems like life just doesn’t slow down. Many of you have probably just made new year’s resolutions to get healthier this year. You’ve probably signed up for a gym membership, with the great intention to go a few times a week for hour long stints. This is terrific, and I hope you manage to stick with your plans, however, statistics show that 70% of gym memberships go unused; in fact, many of you won’t still be going to the gym by Easter. What I want to talk about today, is the importance and benefits of simply getting a sweat on at home through 5 minutes of exercise each day.

Why Does 5 Minutes of Exercise Matter?

You Can Really Push Yourself for 5 Minutes

If you’re only exercising for 5 minutes, you can really make the time count. You won’t waste time between sets, like so many people do while at the gym. Try jumping rope for 5 minutes straight and see how quickly you can get your heart pumping! Try alternating squats, crunches and push-ups for 5 minutes straight. Believe me when I say that you’ll be able to feel your muscles the next day!

I bet you’ll get a sweat on during your 5 minute workout!

5 Minutes a Day can Form the Habit

Habits, good or bad, are formed through consistent practice over a long period of time. After practicing 5 minutes of exercise for months on end, your routine will become automatic and unconscious. You may even start exercising for 10 or 15 minute stints daily, which will really add up!

Minutes Add up to Hours

5 minutes of exercise adds up to 2.5 hours of exercise a month and a whopping 30 hours of heart pumping activity over the course of a year! Even 5 minutes of exercise a day can enable to you maintain your weight over the course of the year, versus putting on the usual 3-5 pounds of extra weight many people add to their frames each year in adulthood.

To Sum it up…5 Minutes of Exercise Matters!

This year, instead of establishing life altering, hard to sustain New Year’s resolutions, consider making a few small changes that can more easily be incorporated into your daily schedule.

Try exercising for 5 minutes a day. Really push yourself during this time frame, and focus on daily consistency to build fitness into your regular routine. Remember, 5 minutes of exercise can really add up over the course of a whole year!