I’ve read about active meditation in the past, but I used to think you had to fully immerse yourself in the more traditional forms of meditation, like mantra meditation, to truly reap the rewards of this practice. During this stressful year, I learned how wrong I was.

Active meditation is simply a form of meditation you do, while moving in some repetitive way. It allows your mind to wander freely, without thinking, or judgement. It has calmed me down, de-stressed me and brought me a ton of joy over this past year, which has been my most stressful year ever. I find active meditation to be an easier form of meditation to get into, and for me, I’m able to perform it for longer than the traditional meditations.

My 3 Favourite Active Meditation Activities


I have never spent so much time outdoors in our cold Canadian winter, than I have this past year. I found myself heading outside, and walking across the lake at our cottage throughout most afternoons. To clear my mind, I would deeply breathe in the fresh, crisp air through my nose and count my steps as I walked across the lake in one direction. When I hit a step count I was satisfied with, I’d turn around and head back home. I love my walks because not only am I clearing my mind during them, I’m also recharging my batteries by moving my body. I feel fully recharged after a good walk, exactly how I should feel after meditating.


I know they grew in popularity throughout this past year, and after completing (or should I say trying to complete), 9 puzzles throughout the beginning of 2021, I know why. You can sit for hours searching for the right pieces and forget about any problems or challenges you may be facing. You’re able to completely clear your mind, another benefit of meditation.

Puzzles helped relax me during this past year.

The other type of puzzle I play to eliminate stress, is a digital puzzle available through the Toonblast app. It’s scary how quickly 30 minutes can pass while playing this app. Again, you’re able to completely clear your mind while solving each of these small puzzle levels.

Petting your Animal

Nothing beats sitting with your cat or dog on your lap just purring or snoring away. It’s so relaxing stroking your furry friend’s back up and down. Your mind is able to completely relax.

Other forms of active meditation include cycling, swimming and rowing. For any of the movements you try, plan to do the activity for at least 15 minutes, so you don’t feel rushed throughout it. This form of movement helps put your brain in a state of relaxation. If you do this regularly, it can be powerful for stress reduction.

To Sum it Up…Active Meditation is a Great De-stressor

Active meditation has calmed me down, de-stressed me and brought me a ton of joy over this past stressful year. Walking, completing a puzzle or petting an animal are all great forms of active meditation. What do you like best?