So many people don’t feel comfortable exercising at the gym right now with Covid-19 still looming. In fact, gyms are very tough to get into with a 10 person maximum, in hot spot areas like Toronto. As a personal trainer, many of my clients and friends have been asking me what fitness tools they should be purchasing so that they can start exercising exclusively at home. Keeping space restrictions in mind, here are the 3 best fitness tools I think everyone who wants to build up their strength at home should own:

1. Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are one of the best fitness tools that I couldn’t have lived without during COVID-19. The shear number of exercises that can be completed with this exercise tool is unbelievable! Resistance bands ramp up the intensity of almost any strength training move. This fitness tool does a fantastic job of working your limbs in particular. It’s so small that it can be stored in even the tiniest of places so it’s perfect for Toronto condo living. This exercise, the ‘Scarecrows’ is a great example of how you can ignite your arm muscles with a resistance band.

The ‘Banded Walk’, which requires a resistance band, is one of my favourite exercises for the outer leg muscles.

2. Foam Roller

This fitness tool has a multi purpose, it can be used for recovery work and strength training. There are some terrific exercises specifically targeted for your core muscles that can be done with the foam roller. A great example of a challenging core exercise done with the foam roller is ‘The Body Saw’.

3. TRX

I haven’t yet found another piece of fitness equipment that works my total body as effectively as the TRX. I love that you are forced to use muscles from your whole body simultaneously with this body suspension trainer. In most TRX exercises, you are forced to work your strength, endurance, balance and coordination all at once! Since your core is engaged during the entire time you use the TRX, you’re stabilizing and balancing your body in a ‘real-life’ type of way.

Here’s a great total body exercise, the ‘Swinging Mountain Climbers’ done on the TRX.

The TRX gives you something to hold on to so you’re able to increase your range of motion in exercises like this ‘Single Leg Squat’.

To Sum it up…The Best Fitness Tools for Home Workouts

With so many people not feeling comfortable exercising in gyms right now, and given the fact that gyms aren’t running at close to their capacity in the hot spot areas like Toronto, at-home fitness tools have never been more important. There are so many exercises that can be completed at home, in only a small space. Gyms closing is no excuse to stop working out. In fact, during these stressful and uncertain times, exercise is even more important. Give these best fitness tools I’ve outlined above, and in former blogs, a try. I’d love to hear which fitness tools you like the best!