My Favourite Exercise Stuff in 2017 & Why

As a personal trainer, many of my clients and friends often ask me what my favourite fitness tools and exercises are. Here’s what I tell them.

My Favourite Exercise Equipment

I’ve gotten simpler with my tools this year. Yes I still love the TRX, Olympic Weight bar and LeBert Equilizer, but a couple of the basic tools I use in many of my sessions include:

1. Resistance Bands. The shear number of exercises that can be completed with resistance bands is unbelievable. Resistance bands can increase the intensity of almost any strength move. This light weight, small fitness tool is so easy to bring with you on any type of trip, business or personal. You don’t have any excuse not to exercise once you own a couple of these bands. Have a look at my YouTube Channel to learn more exercises that you can do with resistance bands:

2. Gliding disks. This piece of equipment may be small, but it packs a real punch! Gliding discs ramp up the intensity of so many fitness moves; even my strongest clients are dripping with sweat after using this tool! Again, my YouTube channel has some great examples of exercises using these discs:

3. Jump Rope. This piece of fitness equipment is classic! In addition to burning a ton of calories, jumping rope can help build coordination, strength and endurance. It’s very versatile – you can travel with it anywhere, and it can be added into any cardiovascular or high-intensity exercise routine. I guarantee you’ll get your heart pumping in a good way, after jumping rope for just 3 minutes straight! If you’re a beginner build up to this time slowly; connect with me if you have questions about what I mean.

My Favourite Exercises

1. Pull-ups. This advanced exercise should only be tried under supervision. It’s an efficient way to work your back, arms and abs all at once!

2. The deadlift. This lower body exercise builds up your glute and hamstring muscles like no other move. You burn a ton of calories performing it and it also strengthens your back muscles and grip strength. If you’re sure your form is correct, go heavy on the weight you lift with this exercise.

3. Inner Thigh Nightmares. I didn’t think I’d be able to find an exercise that worked my inner thighs as well as this exercise does. This move alone makes the LeBert Equilizer equipment worth the money!

To Sum it up…

With Christmas only right around the corner now, some of the fitness tools I’ve listed above, and in my fitness blog from last year, may be a terrific gift for a loved one looking to get in better shape and health. It’s always safer for you to perform the exercises I’ve outlined above, with an expert. A few personal training sessions may be the perfect gift for one of your loved ones! Happy shopping!