The 3pm Energy Slump

Oh no, it’s only 3pm and you can barely keep your eyes open!

You’ve been hit with a mid-afternoon energy slump! Everyone faces it, that dreaded afternoon when you can barely keep your eyes open. When all you want to do it curl up underneath your desk!

What’s happening: You’ve likely had a big, carb-filled lunch and your body is using all of it’s energy to digest, absorb and store the food.

Fitness Boredom

Watch out for fitness boredom!

3pm Energy Slump Solutions:

1. Eat more veggies with your lunch. Try filling half of your plate with veggies. They’ll keep you feeling full and they’re packed with healthy nutrients to give you more energy.
2. Drink water! Dehydration leads to headaches, tiredness and reduced alertness. Try drinking at least 2L while in the office.
3. Pay attention while you eat. Step away from your computer during lunch and pay attention to what you’re doing; this will help you stop overeating.
4. Get out of your chair! Moving around and getting your blood flowing will give you that energy burst you need to finish off the day.

3pm isn’t the only time throughout the day when many of us feel a yawn coming on. Are any of these alternative energy slumps familiar to you?

The 11am Energy Slump

Oh no, it’s hit! It’s 11am and you’re craving an extra large, extra sweet, coffee!

What’s happening: You’ve likely had a small, carb-filled breakfast, or skipped it altogether and now you’re craving something filled with caffeine and sugar!

11am Energy Slump Solutions:

1. Eat your calories versus drink them. When you eat nutrient dense foods (ie. veggies and fruits) every 3-5 hours, you will notice your energy increase.
2. Get moving! Walk to the furthest water cooler, drink a glass, and after it’s gone, assess whether you still really need that sweet drink. Chances are, your craving will be curbed.
3. Have a cup of green tea. Enjoy a little honey or stevia if you really need a sweet drink.

Chick Pea Salad

The 5pm Energy Slump

You’re about to shutdown your computer and head home, but you can’t stop yawning!

What’s happening: You’ve been very focused, working hard all day. Now that it’s the end of the workday and you’re having trouble shutting your mind off.

5pm Energy Slump Solutions:

1. Take a few minutes to yourself. As your computer is shutting down, close your eyes and sit in silence. Even 3-5 minutes of quiet time with a completely blank mind, can rejuvenate you.
2. Just breathe. As you walk towards your car in the parking lot, breathe deeply, filling your stomach with air. This type of breathing will help energize you for the commute home.
3. On the drive home, have a little handful of nuts. The protein and healthy fat will give your body the burst it needs.

To sum it up…

There are many times throughout the workday when a dreaded energy slump can occur. Eating healthy meals filled with lots of veggies, staying hydrated, moving around the office more and just breathing properly can help get you through your workday. These tips will also give you more energy to enjoy your evenings more too!

Please share any additional strategies you have, to help get you through a workday energy slump.