A lot of people are currently assessing whether they want to keep their home gyms, or start up again with a fitness chain. There are definitely pros and cons to either option. If you would like to keep your home gym, but just clean it up a bit, here are a few pieces of fitness equipment I think you could probably get rid of.

Fitness Equipment Cluttering Your Home Gym

If you have limited space for your home gym, or you just want to de-clutter, consider getting rid of these 3 exercise tools.

1. Kettlebells

Many think kettlebells have the same advantages as dumbbells, which are durable, useful to build strength, fairly versatile and a good fitness tool for all levels of exercisers. This isn’t quite true. When it comes to kettlebells, proper technique is important for injury prevention and effectiveness. I don’t believe a beginner exerciser should use kettlebells. They can lead to wrist pain and strain, and bruises on your forearms. If you don’t hold a kettlebell correctly, I’ve seen these injuries occur far too often. To learn how to hold and use the kettlebell properly, you actually need an instructor. So get rid of your kettlebells and save room for your dumbbells.

2. Stationary Bike

I understand Peloton sales blew through the roof over the past couple of years, but that doesn’t make this piece of exercise equipment worthwhile in my eyes. We sit way too much as it is in our society. Unless you have major knee problems, a stationary bike just gives you one more excuse to sit. Purchasing either a treadmill, treadclimber or mini trampoline is a much better use of space in my opinion. I love the versatility of the mini trampoline in particular.

If these alternate tools take up too much room than don’t have any cardio equipment. Get outside and enjoy speed walking, jogging or use a jump rope. In the winter months, there are a ton of cardio options you can do inside with limited space. Here’s a sample of a few cardio exercises that are perfect for the indoors.

3. Bosu Ball

I have a Bosu Ball and to be honest, I really don’t utilize it enough to justify the space it takes. Yes, it’s fun to balance on and try Cirque du Soleil moves like the exercise in the clip below, but there aren’t enough exercises you need the Bosu Ball for, to justify it when space is tight. There are also a ton of much smaller exercise pads you could own, that take up a lot less space.

With Christmas not too far away now, there are some effective exercise tools that don’t make up much room and really build your strength. They may be a terrific gift for you to add to your Christmas list, or for you to purchase for a loved one looking to get stronger and healthier. Happy shopping!

To Sum it up…3 Fitness Tools to Dump in Your Home Gym

If you are looking to clean up and de-clutter your home gym, there are 3 pieces of fitness equipment I think you could probably get rid of.

  1. Kettlebells: avoid the risk and injury these can cause, keep your dumbbells instead.
  2. Stationary bike: get off you butt when performing cardio. There are a ton of better options out there, some of which I’ve highlighted above!
  3. Bosu Ball: it takes up more space than it’s worth in my eyes.
    What do you think? Have I convinced you to make a change or two in your home gym?