What Exercise Equipment do I Use in my Daily Fitness Routines?

Many of my clients and friends often ask me what my favourite fitness tools are. Outlined below, is the list I give them.

My Favourite exercise equipment and tools:

1. Ab roller.

I love feeling my muscles when I laugh, the day after a hard ab routine! The ab roller is one of the few tools that makes my stomach muscles scream the next day. This is an advanced tool, if you try it, you need a strong set of abs to begin with to avoid pulling or injuring your back muscles. Please confirm you have the ab strength with a professional before trying it out.

Ab Wheel - Core Exercise

2. TRX.

I’m yet to find another piece of equipment that kicks my total body as much as the TRX does. Because it forces you to work your whole body simultaneously, you build strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance all at once! Your core is engaged during the entire workout which helps stabilize and balance your body in a ‘real-life’ kind of way.

Personal training - TRX Session

3. FitBit or another type of activity tracker.

Thanks to my FitBit, I’ve changed the following habits:

  • I now march up and down condo lobbies while waiting for clients instead of standing still and texting
  • I get my husband to drop me off 2 blocks before our house after we’ve been out with friends
  • I park in the furthest parking spot I can find at malls (which isn’t hard to do during this crazy time of year!).

When I first started tracking my steps versus today, I’m getting in at least 2,000 more steps daily, which has led me to walking 40+ more kilometres and burning 1000s more calories monthly!

4. Olympic Weight bar.

The only way I’m able to give my legs a really good workout is by using a fully stacked Olympic weight bar. I love the deadlift – squat – lunge routines I’ve built while using this bar. Getting your form right, is very important if you decide to use this weight bar, be sure to talk with a professional before attempting to use it.

5. Interval timer.

Tabata is my go-to workout style when I’m bored of my routines, or just don’t feel like being creative. I love the fact that I always feel at least one muscle group the day after a hard Tabata routine. So many of my clients love this style of working out too. I use a free app to time out my 8 x 20 second Tabata sets.

With Christmas right around the corner now, some of the fitness tools I’ve listed above, may be terrific gifts for your loved ones looking to improve their health. Please connect with me if you have any questions, and happy shopping!