The Fountain of Youth Really Does Exist!

Life seems to get busier & busier doesn’t it? But…you still need to get your sleep! Sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and it can even make you look older! Not to mention that without it, your energy is zapped, making it difficult to even get through the day.

Many of us aren’t getting enough shut-eye, in fact, lack of sleep has become a public health epidemic.


We all inherently know that it is important, but did you know that getting 6 hours or less of sleep a night can make you:

1. Overweight: due to increased insulin resistance and higher levels of cortisol, your thyroid slows down and you crave higher calorie foods
2. Less effective: your performance, judgment & attention span is impaired
3. Sick: your immune system is weakened
4. …and don’t forget, you’re harmful behind the wheel.

Try these 4 tips to get a better night’s sleep now:

1. Exercise: Even 30 minutes daily can make a real difference (review more benefits here); try not to do it right before your bedtime, leave at least a 1-2 hour gap
2. Sleep hygiene: Develop a consistent routine for you to go through each night, try to go to bed at close to the same time each night (even on the weekends!)
3. Avoid Electronics: Don’t use technology for at least 1 hour before you go to bed; blue light stops melatonin from being released
4. Lower your room temperature: This one seems to work for me, especially during the hot and hazy summer weather

If none of this works, there are natural nutrients including melatonin, magnesium, camomile (and more), than can help; reach out to your Doctor for assistance.

Have a good sleep tonight guys, remember, great rest really does lead to more youthful looking skin!