During Christmas, Foods Packed With Calories, Sugar and Fats are Everywhere!

The holidays are in full swing, and calorie-filled foods are everywhere! Don’t sacrifice your hard earned results, over a couple of short weeks. Stay on track with your health and weight goals this year by following these holiday eating tips:

1. Never leave your house hungry.

It is the time of year when all of the chocolate and cheese companies pump out samples. They know we’re socializing more over Christmas, and that we’re more inclined to spend money on these sugar and fat filled items. If you leave your house feeling full, you’ll be less inclined to sample these fattening foods, and less likely to buy, and take them home with you.

This same rule applies to dining out. Eat a veggie filled salad or some fruit, before heading out for dinner and you’ll be less likely to eat an appetizer or dessert with your meal. You’ll cut down on not only calories, but also on your bill over this holiday season.

Weight Plateauing

2. Pack your plate full of vegetables for at least 2 meals a day.

If you are socializing with friends and family over dinner, plan a head – ensure your breakfasts and lunches are very clean. During these meals, use fewer sauces, dressings and gravies than you would usually consume, to help keep your calories down. Use more herbs and spices to add flavour.

At dinner (or the meal you’re eating out for), try selecting the healthiest meal option available, but do give yourself a couple of occasions to indulge. When you’re indulging, do not feel guilty about it afterwards. Just get back to your healthy living habits the following day.

3. Have a plan for your leftovers.

We all love Christmas cookies. As a firm believer of the 80/20 rule, who am I to tell you not to eat one cookie here and there? Just don’t eat 4 cookies day after day over the holidays. I recommend you freeze your cookies and holiday treats the day after you make them. Most types freeze well, and this way you can enjoy 1 cookie here and there, throughout the winter. Treat all of your holiday leftovers this way.

Holiday Eating

Try to limit to the amount of sugar, fat and calories you consume over the holidays.

To Sum it Up…

We should all take some time to celebrate and relax with loved ones over the holidays. Enjoy yourself, but don’t indulge in your holiday eating so much that you jeopardize your hard earned fitness and health results over one or two weeks. To help you manage your waistline over the holidays, fill yourself up strategically before leaving the house, eat two veggie filled meals each day and freeze leftovers immediately.