Healthy Vacation Nutrition is Important

With our trip to Belize less than 2 weeks away now, I thought it would be fitting to discuss healthy eating habits for vacationers. I’m not going to lie and say that it’s super easy to always stay on track with your healthy eating while on vacation, because we all know it’s not. What I will give you here, are some tips and ideas for better vacation eating, for you to think about before and during your next vacation whether it’s a week, month or year long.

1. Vacation eating should not be treated as a free-for-all.

Eating processed foods and drinking alcohol each day is just as bad for you while on vacation as it is when you’re at home. Try to stay at places with a kitchenette so that you can make some of your own meals; at least make sure you have a fridge to keep some healthy breakfast foods and snacks. Stay cognizant of the days you indulge in a few glasses of wine of beer; make sure that it’s not each day you’re away.

Vacation Nutrition

2. Plan, plan, plan.

Research a head of time, where the closest grocery stores are to your hotel, try to book a room with a kitchenette and pack a cooler bag with you so you can carry your healthy foods with you on road trips. My husband and I enjoyed many picnic lunches staring out at the ocean waves when we were in Hawaii a couple of years ago, and we plan to do the same thing while in Belize. Bring a list of your favourite healthy snacks, so that you don’t have to think when you’re in the grocery stores. Pack some protein bars with you for those long hikes; and don’t forget your water bottle!

3. Eat your veggies like it’s you job, and treat protein like it’s king.

Always eat your veggies and protein first and make sure you’re eating both of these food groups at every meal. Veggies are important because they contain much needed vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. They have fewer calories per cup and they contain fiber to help keep your system moving even while on foreign ground, and to help keep you feeling feel. Protein is important because it helps control your hunger, helping to minimize late night cravings; it can increase fat burning and it helps increase your muscle mass and improve bone density.

4. Think about the energy balance.

On days when you’ll be sitting on a plane, train or car and not moving much, eat lighter and cleaner; you often don’t need the calories on these days. During the days when you’re out hiking treacherous mountains or surfing in 5 foot waves, indulge a little more.

Eating Out on Vacation

I know it’s not easy to eat completely clean while on vacation. Try watching what you put in your mouth a little more, and you’ll be more likely to come home looking the same shape after even a full month of vacation. Please share any healthy eating tips you my have of your own, while vacationing, I would love to hear them.