It is Possible to Eat Healthy While Travelling on Business!

Whether you are jumping on a plane to meet your buyers or your team out on the West Coast, or you are hopping in a car to drive to Ottawa for your annual fiscal planning meetings, there are ways to eat healthier during the whole trip. Don’t forget about business nutrition.

When I was working in the corporate world, I did my fair share of business travel. I understand that eating healthy, whole foods isn’t always easy when you find yourself at an airport, on a long car trip or even in back-to-back meetings. Stress, a break from routine and a lack of sleep due to traveling, can sometimes fool us into thinking we are hungrier than we actually are. It can make us feel tired, lazy and unmotivated. It is important to note that for those of you who travel a lot for work, it will be close to impossible to reach your goals if you treat every business trip like a vacation! Business nutrition is important!

Vacation Nutrition

Here are the ways to eat healthier, get your work done and still find time to enjoy yourself while on a business trip.

1. Drink that water!

If you normally drink the recommended 2L of water a day, ramp it up by another litre if you can. Drinking lots of water keeps up energy and concentration levels. It will also force you to get up and move a lot on the plane or in your meetings as you to go to the bathroom.

2. Bring healthy snacks that travel well.

Consuming carb filled sandwiches, chips and sweets on a plane while you remain seated is not the best thing for your body. These empty calories often don’t even taste good. Bring your own veggies, fruit, nuts and protein powder if you’re taking a long flight or car journey. Anything leftover can be consumed the following day while you are in those back-to-back meetings! Visit the local grocery store near your hotel and pick-up more of these healthy snacks once you run out. Carry a few of the snacks with you at all times, they will help fill you in between meals.

3. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Be sure to eat all three of these meals each day. If you try skipping one of them, I know from experience that you’ll head straight for the calorie and sugar filled snacks that are offered in the mid-morning and afternoon meetings. Eating three meals daily will help you with portion control. Even if you’re at a delicious restaurant for dinner and your company is covering the bill, you don’t have to eat all the food on the menu. If you want to try a few things, share them with someone. You will feel better afterwards, I promise!

Salt in Muffins

Salt is found in a lot of sweet foods.

4. Beware of liquid calories.

It is scary how quickly liquid calories add up. Not only that, but they are packed with sugar – 1 can of Coke has 10 spoonfuls of sugar in it! A couple of glasses of wine, beer or hard alcohol all add hundreds of calories into your diet. Your sleep will also be negatively impacted with alcohol. Travelling already takes a lot out of you, don’t deprive yourself of your much-needed sleep! Focus on getting 2-3L of water to help curb your craving for any other fluids.

5. Look for the green face!

I know that it can sometimes be tempting to eat more than usual (an appetizer and some dessert perhaps…) when your company is picking up the bill. Try not to think this way, try to stick to the healthy habits you follow at home, while out on business travel. If you focus on consuming a ‘green face’ – veggies and a protein source at each meal, you will be heading in the right direction.

To sum it up…

Drinking water, carrying healthy snacks, eating 3 meals a day, limiting liquid calories and eating a ‘green face’ are all great ways to maintain your healthy eating habits when travelling for business. Please connect with me if you would like to learn more healthy eating tips.