4 Ways to Eat Healthy Quickly

We’re all busy with a ton of responsibilities pulling us in different directions – work, family, friends, fitness, chores, and the list goes on. Making time for anything involves prioritization – we choose to spend time on what is most important to us. If you make your health the ultimate priority in your life, you will find time to eat right, there are ways you can eat healthy quickly. Remind yourself daily, that all the other things you are so busy trying to do, mean nothing without your health. Without it, you can’t take care of anything or anyone else.

4 Tips to Healthier Eating when your time is limited:

1. Start small.

Don’t try eating a full plate of veggies at every meal when you haven’t walked down the produce isle at your grocery store in 6 months; this will only get you frustrated. Start by filling your grocery basket with a variety of veggies and fruits, and try consuming 2 salads a week + 1 serving of veggies at dinner.

2. Prep, prep, prep.

Know what you’re going to be cooking for at least 4 of your 5 weeknight dinners by Sunday. Do your shopping for these dinners and prepare as much of the ingredients a head of time. Try making Sunday afternoon your time to:

  • Chop all the veggies for your salads and meals
  • Cut and freeze in separate baggies all the ingredients for your protein shakes
  • Cook and chop all the meats for your dinners (freeze the cooked meat if it’s for meals more than 3 days out)

Summer BBQing

3. Create written goals for yourself.

Each month, post on your fridge and at your desk, one realistic and specific nutrition goal (ie. I will eat 5 servings of veggies and 3 servings of fruits daily). Track the days you’re successful with achieving the goal. If you accomplish it within the month, reward yourself with a new cooking tool, or something you love other than food. Read more about goal setting here.

4. Get support.

Tell your friends, family or co-workers that you want to eat healthier. Ask for their support; some of them may want to join you with your new eating habits. Sharing recipes over a private Facebook group has worked for a lot of my clients. It’s a lot of fun testing out new, healthy lunch recipes with a co-worker; you can take turns cooking and bringing in the lunches each week. I send out new healthy recipes to my clients and friends bi-weekly; connect with me here if you would like me to add your name to my email distribution list so you can keep adding fresh, new ideas to your recipe list. Put together the support system that works for you.

Healthy Eating

Make eating better a priority for you now, don’t put it off.

It’s easy to say that you’ll get started later, and all of a sudden another year has passed. An average person’s metabolism drops 300 calories daily from 25-65 and he/she loses 20 pounds of lean mass during this time. Don’t let yourself become one of these unhealthy people, please reach out if you’d like to learn more about how you can get started with eating healthy in a quick way, today!