Who Knew the Skills You Exercise in the Boardroom, can Benefit you in the Kitchen?!?

Many of the healthy eating skills I teach my personal training clients to use in the kitchen, are quite similar to the skills leaders exercise in their offices everyday.

Eat Healthier by Practicing these 4 Corporate Skills:

1. Be prepared.

Preparation leads to you feeling the most on top of your game in a presentation. Knowing your materials inside and out increases your confidence and success in meetings. Well, the same applies with healthy eating. On the weeks you plan out your lunches and at least 4 weeknight dinners, you’ll have more success with healthy eating. Buy and prepare all of the ingredients a head of time to keep you organized and focused. It’s simple, a kitchen fully stocked with healthy foods, will lead you to eat more healthy foods! The Sunday Ritual I complete is the best healthy eating skill I use.

2. Build a routine.

Team meetings usually happen on the same day at the same time each week. This helps get a team into a consistent flow, manages expectations and make things automatic. Build a routine when creating your weekday lunches, something none of us has time to spend thinking about. The easiest and most versatile lunch you can bring to the office is a salad. Salads are quick and easy to make and you can pack them with every delicious veggie you love. OK, and maybe a little cheese too! If you stick with this meal choice, it will become so automatic that you won’t even have to think about lunches anymore. This nutrient packed lunch will also keep you on top of your game for the whole afternoon at the office – no more 3pm slumps!

Healthy Salads

Salads can be healthy and low in calories but a few ingredients can make them very fattening.

3. Lean on your support system.

Good leaders know they can’t run their department without a strong team. It’s the same in the kitchen. Trying to do it all alone can be overwhelming. Leave an ongoing grocery list front and centre on your fridge. Periodically, ask family members to pick up the required ingredients on their way home. Post meal ideas for the following week on the fridge and ask for opinions, you shouldn’t have to be the only person figuring out all of the meals. Involve kids and your spouse with washing and cutting the veggies. Spending time in the kitchen together, can be a great family bonding experience. Family members may be more open to trying new foods when they’re involved with the meal preparation.

Healthy Eating

4. Have contingency plans in place.

In business, in order to fully prepare and think through a plan, time is spent strategizing what may go wrong. When it comes to healthy eating, visualizing what may go wrong with your eating plan before it actually happens is powerful. It will give you ideas about how to successfully maneuver through the challenges before they happen. With the holiday parties and socializing that is about to begin, this tool is especially useful. Strategize now, how you’ll avoid overeating all of those Christmas cookies that will soon be in front of you.

To Sum it Up…

I hope you now see that building and controlling healthy eating skills has a lot of similarities to what you do every day at the office. Preparing, following routines, leaning on your team and building contingency plans will make you a more successful healthy eater. Please reach out if you would like to book a free fitness consultation with me to learn more.