Get Back in the Saddle

Civic weekend was only a few days ago and you can bet I ate too many chips – Sour Cream & Onion are my favourite and there were multiple bags up at the cottage! I’m not wasting time worrying about this, I had a great time with friends that weekend and don’t regret anything.

Here are a few strategies I follow, to get my healthy habits back as quickly as possible, after a short mishap:

Veggie Smoothie1. Get squeaky clean.

This past week (after Civic) was an even cleaner week for us than usual. You can bet I drank my shakes and ate salads for lunch five days vs my usual four days, and I hit the gym everyday. You’ll feel great and sleep better after diving right back into your healthy routine.

2. Block time to prep, prep, prep.

Plan to spend your first night back home in the kitchen & grocery store. Plan 4-5 days of meals and buy the necessary foods. Cook your meats, chop your veggies and make your shakes and sauces a head of time. Have everything ready to go so that all you have to do when you get home from work, is open up that fridge and warm things up.

3. Make it fun!

If you prefer working out with someone, grab a gym buddy for your first week back at it. A good training partner can make the process more enjoyable and hold you more accountable. To lighten up your kitchen experience, grab a friend who enjoys cooking and make a healthy meal or two with him/her each week until you’re back in your healthy routine. Try getting creative in the kitchen – explore Pinterest for some new twists on your old favourites.

If you’ve been off the wagon for one month or more, try following these tips:

1. Set goals.

Referring back to your written SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound) goals at least monthly, can be motivating and provide you with more accountability. Writing goals down helps you visualize what they look like and may help you overcome potential roadblocks.

2. Start small.

There’s no such thing as a goal that’s too small. A healthy habit for your first week back at it may be to walk around your block every night, slowly speeding up your walking pace. During week two, you may target to get to your gym twice and avoid processed foods one full day each week. Small changes over time add up to big improvements; I believe that changing things slowly but consistently, leads to long-term success.

3. Get support.

Tell those close to you, friends, family or therapists, that you want to work on getting healthier. Ask for their help and support; some of them may want to join you in your new fitness and eating routines. Team sports can be a great option, personal training may also help you. Put together the right support system for you.

Resistance Bands Exercise

Everyone falls off the wagon at some point

Almost all of us fall off the wagon at some point; what separates one person from the rest is their ability to get back in the saddle and to start riding again as quickly as possible. Do not waste time worrying about the past; live in the moment. I believe we should all enjoy our lives by following the 80/20 rule – eat well and exercise 80% of the time, go enjoy life the other 20% of the time…BUT, you’ve got to exercise and eat well in the first place to earn this 20%. Please connect with me if you’d like to learn more about how I get my clients active and healthy.