It’s Holiday Time, I Can Eat What I Want!

Have you ever given yourself permission to feel this way? If so, not this year! Healthy holiday eating is possible!

Remember, Christmas is still almost one month away, it’s not time to gorge yet! Your body doesn’t differentiate what time of year it is. Junk foods eaten over the holidays have the same damaging impact on your body as when they’re eaten any other time of year. Don’t sacrifice all of your hard work this past year, completely over the holiday time! Stay on track by reading on…

3 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

1. Let Loose for 3 Days Only

The holidays should not be counted as every day Christmas decorations are up in stores (or at my house). The “holidays” technically include three cheat days 1. Christmas Eve 2. Christmas Day and 3. New Year’s Eve. That’s it. Deviate from your healthy living habits on these THREE days only and stay on track with your healthy habits for all of the remaining days.

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2. Constantly remind yourself of your goals.

If you find it extra challenging to follow healthy holiday eating during this time, create a list of the top reasons why you are passionate about staying on track. Sample reasons may include:
*Fit into a size __
*Have more energy
*Feel less self conscious
*Be able to try more activities (ie. skydiving, which has a weight limit)
*Gain more control and confidence to start dating again

Post this list everywhere – on your fridge, bathroom mirror, computer screen at work and in the TV room. By posting this card all over, you’ll constantly remind yourself why you need to stick to your healthy habits. This card will help keep you on track during times when you may have slipped up before.

3. Remember, a little something is better than nothing.

Get away from an all-or-nothing mindset. If you didn’t eat a vegetable filled lunch, and grabbed dinner out, snack on a handful of carrots and celery at night. Keep track of your vegetable and fruit servings and try not to deviate too much from your regular consumption levels. This way, you’ll fill yourself up in a normal way, on the healthy stuff, not leaving too much room for the less healthy foods.

To Sum it up…Healthy Holiday Eating is Important!

The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy the company of your friends and family. This year, let yourself slide from healthy holiday eating for only three key days. Constantly remind yourself of the reasons why you built these habits in the first place. Believe that a little something is better than nothing.

Follow these three tips and you’ll be a lot more successful with your healthy holiday eating this season! Let me know what tip resonates the most with you.