Indoor Rock Climbing is an effective, exciting and challenging activity

We finally found it! A unique fitness activity, outside of a standard gym that:

  • Improves cardio and total body strength
  • Works out the mind as well as the body
  • Can be practiced all year round
  • Can be done alone, with one partner or with a larger group…it’s…


Indoor rock climbing has become quite popular over the last few years. From touring Boulderz, the climbing gym my husband and I frequent, we can attest to the fact that the gym is always busy. Climbing is great for any age. We see kids climbing the boulder wall as young as three, and couples and friends using the top ropes well into their senior years. The bouldering section is often quite social, as you need longer breaks in between the grueling climbs. Top ropes interest me because I like the higher climbs. I like tackling one wall after the next with shorter breaks.

Indoor Fitness

Stay active during the long, cold months of winter with indoor rock climbing.

Rock Climbing works your total body.

The fact that rock climbing combines cardio and strength into a single workout, makes it effective. Each climb challenges your strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and balance. You are forced to problem solve when the grips get challenging; to focus and concentrate on the best path up, out or down. Climbing obviously challenges your upper body and grip strength. It also requires a large amount of core and lower body strength to make it through a route.

At first glance, you may be thinking that rock climbing sounds dangerous. There is an element of excitement, that’s what keeps an adrenaline junkie like me continuously interested; but indoor climbing is very safe. It is best if you take a lesson to learn the “ropes” (haha). Knowing how to properly belay your partner and the other safety rules is important.

Indoor Fitness - Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great total body activity that can be performed year round.

I find climbing quite easy to catch on to.

You really can improve your climbing methods with practice, practice, practice. I started at the easiest level, 5.3 routes, like everyone does. Within four weeks I was working on the 5.10- routes, so progression is possible, just stick with it. I have seen the most improvement by going two times a week, in addition to completing my usual upper body strength routines in the gym. Boulderz changes their routes frequently so we always mange to find a new path to climb. This keeps things interesting and challenging.

The bottom line…

In summary, indoor rock climbing improves cardio and total body strength; it gets your mind and body working simultaneously. It can be done all year round and completed alone, with a partner or a large group. If you want an activity providing these benefits, that you can continuously challenge yourself with, try indoor rock climbing!

Indoor Rock Climbing - Fun!

Indoor rock climbing is a great activity that strengthens your total body.