Cut Back on the Alcohol you Drink Now!

Canada’s “Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines (LRDG)” recommend that woman consume no more than two drinks a day or ten per week and that men consume no more than three drinks daily or fifteen per week at a maximum. ​I’m sure that many of you aren’t following these guidelines right now. It’s something to be concerned about because not only will consuming too much alcohol limit the results you’re seeing around your waistline and in the gym, it will also cause you long-term health damage.

With the summertime coming to an end, now is the perfect time to focus on reducing your alcohol consumption. Limit alcohol now!

Tips to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Track it!

Take note of what you drink. You may be unpleasantly surprised at the amount of alcohol you consume in a week. My husband and I were surprised at our intake a few years ago. We started tracking the number of days we drink in a month, to keep things in better check. Plan out your drinking occasions so that you’re not caught off guard. If you get invited to an extra event throughout the month, make a decision as to what outing you’ll drink at.

Find other fun beverages to treat yourself.

We’ve recently bought a SodaStream so we’re able to make our own fizzy drinks with A LOT less sugar. I also love Kombucha; a gut-healthy drink produced by fermenting tea. These tasty beverages are a little fancier than water and are a great alternative to enjoy with company out on the patio or at a party. Drink them with fruit, in a fancy glasses to make them look more appealing.

Flavoured Water

Adding natural flavours to your water with fruit, cucumber or herbs will give you some variety in taste.

Make new hobbies.

We all have those friends who always want to meet us in pub, restaurant or bar. This is fine, and fun to do, once in a while. Start suggesting different hobbies with your buddies, that get you active. Even walking around the neighborhood and catching up with your friend is a great alternative to sitting in a pub. If you want something more exciting to do or an option to do in the colder weather, try indoor rockclimbing, kickboxing, intramural sports or go carting. These are all fun options that don’t involve drinking.

To Sum it up…

Drinking alcohol in moderation, once you’re obviously of legal age, can be fun to do once in a while. Limit alcohol by sticking with “Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines”. To cut-back on what you’re currently consuming, try tracking your consumption, find other fun drinks to consume in social settings and make some new hobbies. What do you think, will you give any of these tips a try?