Just End Your Gym Relationship Already!

It may be time for you to quit your gym. What’s it really offering you anyway? Is it truly the gym that you drive 15 minutes to get to, that’s motivating you to exercise? Is your gym really interested in getting you successful results? Do the owners even actually want you to go there?

If you think about it, fitness centres are built on the model that their members work out there the least amount of time. They don’t have the room or capacity for all members to visit it regularly. My gym, for example, has over ten thousand paying members, but a capacity for only a few hundred people at any given time. If all ten thousand of us ever wanted to go on the same day, there would be line ups stretching for miles long at each piece of equipment!

Does your gym bring in new equipment, or offer you new exercise ideas frequently? If not, you’re probably stuck in your same old routines. This is probably hindering your performance and results, as research proves that exercise variety is necessary to avoid plateauing.

It’s Time to Date Again!

Play the field this spring! Now is the perfect time to move your exercise routines outside. The sunny heat is just starting; days are longer so you can exercise after work outside in the daylight!

Here are some outdoor fitness ideas for you to try:

Hit the playground before the kids do, to give your strength training a twist. Try hanging pull-up pulses or actual pull-ups themselves, on the monkey bars.


Or perform triceps dips on a bench.


If you want to get some cardio training in, now is the perfect time to leave the treadmill and head outside. Try performing your cardio exercises using a playground bench.


Or go for an outdoor run. If your knees give you a problem when you run on pavement, no worries – find a few hills to speed walk up, while holding a couple of light weights. It’s surprising what the added challenge a couple of light weights can bring!

Walking is a magic exercise that almost anyone can complete.

What if you Don’t Want to Exercise Outdoors?

If really don’t want to work out outside, you can still break-up with gym and get good strength and cardio workout in at home. In fact, give my all-time favourite workout a try…

This 15 minute fitness routine will push your cardio endurance and build your muscles all at once!

To Sum it up…

Spend time thinking about if your gym is truly motivating you to exercise or if you can switch things up by leaving it, even for a few months. Now is the perfect time to quit the gym and move your exercise routines outside. The days are finally longer so you can exercise outside in the daylight after work. You can work on your cardio health and build muscles through a variety of different ways, versus just heading to the gym. Give some of my ideas a try and share how they worked for you!