During this time while we’re practicing social distancing, many of us are forced to eat a lot more meals than we’re used to, at home. This can be stressful, especially if you’re not used to spending time cooking in the kitchen.

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • You’re a beginner cook who wants to start eating healthier by consuming more vegetables.
  • You want your meals to be easy enough to make, yet still packed with flavour.
  • You want to be able to batch cook a big meal and eat it over 2 nights to minimize your cooking time.

If any of these statements above sound like you, stir-fries are a meal you should try!

Stir-fries are a Great Meal Option, Here’s Why…

  1. They are an easy, quick, healthy, weeknight dinner. Just cook a bunch of veggies in a pan. Add in a sauce (tomato, Thai, Chinese or mushroom flavour are some of my favourites), some spices and a cooked protein of your choice, and voila, you’re done! For an even quicker shortcut, instead of chopping up the veggies on your own, use frozen vegetables.
  2. They never get boring. It’s so easy to switch up the taste of your stir-fry by changing the sauce, veggies or protein source you use. This variety makes stir-fries a terrific meal to add into your weekly food rotation. PC Memories of Sauces offer a great variety of flavours.
  3. Stir-fries are easy to batch cook. Cook an extra big portion of veggies and protein; split the meal into two and add your sauce to only one half. The following evening, warm-up your leftovers and add a different sauce to them, creating a completely different meal, very easily and quickly!

Here are 2 of my Favourite Stir-fries

Szechwan Flavour: I love the heat in this veggie-packed meal! The almonds seem to pull all of the flavours together.

Orange Mango Flavour: This stir-fry is a great blend of savoury and sweet, one of my favourite flavour profiles.

To Sum it up…Stir-fries are a Meal you Should Try Out!

If you are looking for an easy, quick and healthy weeknight dinner, look no further, stir-fries are a great choice! It’s easy to switch an ingredient or two, to make your meal taste completely different, so they never get boring. It’s also easy to batch cook stir-fries, so they can last you for two or even three dinners. What’s your favourite stir-fry flavour?