I’ve shared with you, why I don’t think dieting is the best way to lose weight. In fact, I think weight gain almost always results after a true diet is over. Dieting is a never-ending cycle that often causes real harm to your metabolism, hormones, muscles, skin and emotions. So stop dieting! Your next thought is probably then, “What’s better than dieting?”.

Stop Dieting and Try One of These Healthy Eating Mindsets

Whatever way of eating you try, it should feel easy enough to do FOREVER. The approach you take has to be something you enjoy enough, so that you can do it ‘forever’ or you will eventually stop the healthy eating and fall off the wagon. Here are 3 healthy eating mindsets that will help you stop dieting and gain more control over your health.

1. The suffering is over; no foods are off limits.

A big part of ‘forever healthy eating’ means you enjoy what you eat. If you have to suffer to get to a certain weight, the loss won’t be permanent. You will eventually go back to your former habits. Junk foods are an inevitable part of our lives now; they shouldn’t be avoided like the plague. But to live a healthy lifestyle, the amount of junk foods you consume, should be controlled. I love chips, so I allow myself to eat them in moderation. This means that I don’t eat them everyday or even every week, and I control my portion by putting them in a bowl. When the bowl is empty, that’s it, I’m done eating them. This line of thinking gives you control over what you consume. It enables you to succeed without suffering.

Stop overloading your plate. Eat any of the foods you enjoy, in moderation.

2. Patience is critical.

You need patience when you’re working to achieve permanent weight loss; it isn’t fast. So many people come to me looking to lose 20 pounds in one month. I don’t sugar coat it for them, I tell them this isn’t a safe, realistic goal. When you’re trying to lose weight for the long term, you’re working on gaining new skills and in some cases, giving your eating habits a complete overhaul. My clients who are able to make small, consistent changes, that build on one another, are the ones who experience life long weight loss and wellness. The habits that need altering are different for everyone, but James Clear’s stepped approach remains the same. This type of learning isn’t fast. It took you years to gain the weight you’ve gained, you can’t expect to drop it all in a few months.

To make things a little tougher, it does take longer to lose weight towards the end of your journey. This is because you have a smaller, lighter body that’s burning fewer calories. Be kind to yourself, give yourself time to lose the weight. In my experience, losing more than one pound a week for a few months, is extremely challenging.

3. You must enjoy the eating plan you choose.

To make an eating pattern last forever, it’s ultimately about selecting the meal or treat with lowest calories that you’ll ENJOY. Keep in mind, the more weight you want to permanently lose, the more changes you’ll have to make. Be sure you can HAPPILY live with the changes you’re making now. Don’t restrict yourself to eating entirely clean and often flavourless meals. Instead, indulge with only the amount of calorie laden food that still makes you to be happy. So if you’re craving ice cream, eat it. But if it will satisfy you, order a kid size cone versus 2 scoops. Whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you ENJOY, is your “best” weight.

To Sum it up…Stop Dieting, Follow one of These Mindsets

I don’t think dieting is the best way to lose weight. It is a never-ending cycle that often causes real harm to your body and mind. I would love for you to embrace one of the healthy eating mindsets I’ve detailed above. When you stop the suffering and allow yourself all foods in moderation, and are patient with yourself throughout your weight loss journey, the approach and eating changes you make are longer term. It’s key to be aware of what you consume. Always select the healthiest and lowest calories foods that you’ll ENJOY. Afterall, eating is largely about enjoyment and social engagement. Which mindset approach do you think you’ll try?