A Miracle Fitness Move that Anyone Can Do

If something could prevent and treat numerous health issues including heart diseases, strokes, arthritic pain and depression, aid in weight loss, you could do it anywhere and if it was free…wouldn’t you want to try it? Of course, we all would. Well, such a thing does exist, it’s…walking!

John Stanton, founder of the running Room states that “Walking is the number one exercise in North America, and just about everyone can do it,” and at any age.

How does walking compare to running? They actually provide us with similar benefits, walking just takes more of a time commitment.

Try these 4 tips to get the most out of your walking routine:

Walking for Fitness 11. Don’t be a slow poke.

Add bursts of speed walking into your routine to help increase your leg strength and aerobic fitness. You’ll know you sped up fast enough if you can feel your heart pounding just a little harder after the speed walking.

2. Watch your form.

Stand up straight with your shoulders back, engage your abs. Aim for a heel-toe strike with your foot and keep your glute muscles slightly squeezed. Keep your arms a little bent at the elbows and swing them with each step to better engage your upper body, try not to clench your hands into fists, relax and enjoy the walk.

3. Don’t forget to stretch.

It’s the calves, quads and ankles that are the most commonly injured, or tender areas after a walk. I often feel it in my shins after my first long walk of the season (I’m a fair weather walker). Be sureWalking for Fitness 2 to stretch all of your muscles, with a focus on the lower body, after your walks.

4. It’s all about the fashion.

OK, OK, it shouldn’t be about fashion when you’re selecting your shoes. When trying to select a proper walking shoe, think about whether you pronate (ankles roll in) or supinate (ankles roll out) when you walk; different shoes are better equipped to handle each movement. You should also think about the support you need, weight of the shoe and whether you need a wide or narrow style.

Walking is a great way to kick-start yourself into a more active routine. Although it shouldn’t completely replace resistance training, it’s a great low impact cardio activity to add into your regular routine. Please reach out to me here for more walking tips, I’d love to hear from you.